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  Alessandro Mauri f10f6f8c0b link to lowdown 15 hours ago
  Alessandro Mauri cf20a64895 resolved all typos with aspell 4 days ago
  Alessandro Mauri b5a482ed7c new rivet, better style 5 days ago
  Alessandro Mauri 7f32d94b05 no paint at all 5 days ago
  Alessandro Mauri c445901859 fix weird body size beahviour 5 days ago
  Alessandro Mauri 95e84d1fd9 paint/vinyl considerations 6 days ago
  Alessandro Mauri a755d6d96a easy hardware upgrades 6 days ago
  Alessandro Mauri 5c786613d9 capitalize ThinkPad 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 069e36ab9b noted better bluetooth 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 6928824992 initial hardware mods 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri dc6ddcbbab software side of the x301 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri db246c453e include everything in atom feed 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 7ab3a373c9 list all changes in atom feed 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 5fc0bfa489 list and font touchup 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 2c193ec4be fix typo 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 45847995fd fix broken home link 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri d1191bcf15 a word on colors 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri d43f3e4ae9 pros and cons of vinyl wraps 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri b4b71412ee new x301 restoration project 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 28dcc0cdf9 fixed css behavior 3 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri fe7337fd51 updated index 3 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 6e6bcf3a89 updated email 3 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 31c94b37b4 atom feed 3 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 71839226ca fixed minor fuckup 7 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 73316df894 modiefied some things, hold on I fucked up 7 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri c4ece6384b some mobile improvements 8 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 9e844c5e3c fixed dead links and long line 8 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 2e201e6855 added librepay donations 8 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 216776f869 fixed favicon situation 9 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri e5048c7878 added more web browsers 9 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri f84d656dbf added cron daemons table 9 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 8a5e6a70c1 started re-counting some programs with cloc 9 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri f8cfa1fbcd lots of changes 9 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 656c4b0afe better index 9 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 6cc3e03573 build system overhaul, lots of files changed 9 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 5e89bf3f6a added unifficial alsa documentation page and style change 9 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 6092c08762 changed fonts to be more consistent 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 977ad265b1 fixed header links 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri e8a19f94e4 rsync compressed transfer 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri a21cccc8ec more tweaks to style and articles 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 3de7050a9c added article 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 1f9c3c9bb2 chandged footer style and test make 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 0aaf836901 licensed under CCO 1.0 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri b6f3be8918 started work on navbar 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 50b35683d5 changed name 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 1b8a803dd2 cleanup and install with rsync 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 42144ae6ef added caddy webserver 10 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 1da6f2d6ce initial commit 10 months ago