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@ -72,6 +72,24 @@ Vinyl wrap options:
1. [1080 series films][3m1080], cheaper and good enough for laptops
2. [2080 series films][3m2080], pricier but newer and more resistant
## Colors
One part of a thinkpad is it's color, black is the most obvious way to go, but
what shade?
There are many many shades of black and many more finishes. Do you want matte
or glossy, dark or light, texture or no texture, metrallic shine or not; you
get the idea.
While making an all white thinkpad is an interesting project I think the best
way to go is to stick with the default black, at least for the interiors, the
lid may see some touches later on.
Here are some shades that I really liked:
### [Dead matte black][deadmatte]
![Dead Matte Black skin on car](img/deadmatte.jpg)
[dbrand]: https://dbrand.com/
[3m1080]: https://www.3mitalia.it/3M/it_IT/commercio-e-servizi-it/new-car-wrapping-colours-1080/
[3m2080]: https://www.3mitalia.it/3M/it_IT/p/d/b5005081006/
[deadmatte]: https://www.sirvisual.it/3m-wrap-film-serie-2080/3m-wrap-film-2080dm12-dead-matte-black!0-9223