pros and cons of vinyl wraps

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@ -19,6 +19,11 @@ paints or vinyls that are not designed to endure such conditions.
## Using paints
Using paint is the "basic" method of restoring any surface, basically it boils
down to prep work and finding the right paints (color, texture, material
compatibility etc.) but this process is very time consuming and very easy to
mess up for beginners such as myself.
The pros of the paint are:
- Could lead to better results, closer to the original
@ -37,3 +42,36 @@ The cons of paint are:
- Higher price
## Using vinyl wraps
Vinyl wrap films are thin, sticky, texturized sheets of plastic which one can
apply onto a surface, kinda like a very big sticker, in order to change it's
color. This is not news for cars and for [laptops][dbrand], vinyl "skins" are
a convenient way to change the color of a surface, they are removable, easy to
apply and can form to most surfaces.
Pros of vinyl wraps are:
- Much easyer prep work and installation
- Good durability
- "All in one" solution to the problem
- Very cost-effective
Cons of Vinyl wraps are:
- Easier (by design) to peel and remove
- Unsure about age and durability
- Cannot double coat
- Thicker than paint
- More limited color palette
- Very few "good" brands/options
Vinyl wrap options:
1. 3M brand, sets the standard for all things adhesive, widely used in the
automotive space and in good quality [laptop skins][dbrand]
1. [1080 series films][3m1080], cheaper and good enough for laptops
2. [2080 series films][3m2080], pricier but newer and more resistant