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Title: Mauri's blog homepage
Author: Alessandro Mauri
# The cabin
This is my personal shitposting cabin, here lies all of my cool ideas, projects,
shitposts and more to come. Nothing here is of any value and should be taken
seriously but sure as hell I wasted a lot of time for it.
# About me
I'm an electronic engineering student with a passion for electronics and free
software, I like to develop my own stuff and often over-analyze useless things.
Here you will find some of my thoughts, projects and stuff I do to justify
wasting my time.
For anyone that still wants to go further, godspeed.
If you'd like to see what I'm up to there are links to my git repositories in
the header, I advise to look at the Gitea link because it is my self-hosted
git server and my Github is in a state of abbandon.
For any questions my email is in the footer of every page.
This website is statically generated using [rivet][rivet], my own static site
generator written in POSIX compliant sh and based on lowdown. I generate and
upload everything using a makefile and rsync, to see the whole thing in action
take a look at this site's [repository][repo], maybe even issue a pull request
if you (for some reason) want something published here.
[rivet]: https://git.alemauri.eu/alema/rivet
[repo]: https://git.alemauri.eu/alema/alemauri.eu