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Title: Generic LRU Cache in C
Author: Alessandro Mauri
# Generic LRU Cache in C
I've been working on an immediate mode gui library and for the renderer I took
inspiration from Casey Muratori's [refterm][rt] for the font rendering.
Doing so I needed to implement a hash map and a LRU cache in top of it, so I did
and took the time to write a macro abomination in order to make it type generic.
Well in reality since I made it to store font glyphs it uses `uint32_t`s for keys
but it can be easily extended to use strings since the underlying hash map is
type generic as well.
So here they are:
- [hash map][hm]
- [LRU cache][ch]
/* Declare the cache, hash_u32 and hash_cmp_u32 are ready-made functions in
* generic_hash.h */
#include "generic_cache.h"
static inline unsigned int hash(unsigned int code)
// identity map the ascii range
return code < 128 ? code : hash_u32(code);
CACHE_DECL(cache, struct font_glyph, hash, hash_cmp_u32)
/* Initialize the cache */
struct cache c = cache_init(); // CACHE_SIZE is constant
/* Searching from in the cache */
const struct font_glyph *r;
unsigned int code = 'F';
if ((r = cache_search(&c, code)) != NULL) {
// ...
/* Inserting is a bit different, you first find an open (unused) spot and then
* you provide it to cache_insert() */
struct font_glyph g = {.codepoint = 'a', ...};
unsigned int spot = cache_get(&c);
cache_insert(&c, &g, 'a', spot);