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  Alessandro Mauri 874ee585b7 updated readme 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 720f956267 suggest config file permissions 1 week ago
  Alessandro Mauri 9c6f7703dc fix typos 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri e2284c301b added manual pages 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 990136a6a7 bug fixes 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 37967a87c0 added help message 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 475aa341c5 implemented "nolog" option 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri f489885e3e implemented config persist 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 391353cea6 more comment and bug fix 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 86a6af5073 less free()s 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 3f1bf8c5be I know what to do 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri e63109a763 improvements and fixes 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri d6c13b3d39 first working config file 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri c1050a27f9 added erroring functions 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 01c4b00352 only openbsd doesn't use -lcrypt 3 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 1594ec867b fix nasty expired pointer 4 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 2e181319ed make: resolve LDFLAGS based on system 4 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 9494b18325 compiles on openbsd 4 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri fb6c872dc7 authenticate using /etc/shadow 4 weeks ago
  Alessandro Mauri 074ebfec6c updated todo 2 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 6c929ad26d fixed auth tries 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri c21ca28ae9 remove unused stuff 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri fe9d88e7f9 env flag 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 5412a3785e change env 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 72c217d74a reverted to the old exec way 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri a666081599 touches to shell proxy 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 37c594c1bd implemented shell wrapper 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 704914f4cb updated project description 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri eefd0545cd todo and notes 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 5ef9bd4200 command line options 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 778168b21a debug options 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri b96d4648a3 licensed code 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 1c75e7dd3c working permissions 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 981fed3499 planning comments 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 8fef02de37 pam authentication 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri e891693f6f initial commie 5 months ago