User Switcher, just like sudo but worse
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US - User {Switcher,Shell}

Opens a shell as a different user without needing to authenticate as that user. This is similar to the behavior of su but it allows to execute privileged and/or commands as any other user without needing their password. It doesn't use PAM, instead relies on shadow files and the passwd database to check if the given password is correct. Support for different methods of authentication is planned.


To install use make install and to uninstall use make uninstall, all other documentation is provided as man pages, man us will give general information about the utility and how to use it and man us.conf contains info about the config file format.

Supported platforms

All platforms that store the encrypted password in /etc/passwd should be supported, which to this day are none. Linux is supported through shadow(3) and OpenBSD through its API. Support for more systems is planned. This program is libc-agnostic as (apart from authentication) it is POSIX compliant code.