Battery MONitor, log battery/power status on stdout
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bmon - simple battery monitor

Bmon is a simple tool that reads battery/power draw data and outputs it, together with a timestamp, to stdout or into a file as tab separated values.

Requirements & building

The requirements are:

  • gcc
  • make to compile the tool simply run make the executable will be in the current directory ready to use.

Using it

bmon outputs tab separated data, the first element will be either the battery capacity or the current power draw in milliwatts, this behaviour is controlled by the -w argument. The second element is the time in seconds, this can be time relative to the start of the program or the system time in unix time stamp, this behaviour is controlled by the -u argument.
The sample rate (time between readings) can be controlled with the -t <val> argument, this time is in seconds.
The output can be directed to stdout or to a specific file, this is controlled with the -f <file> argument.
For further help refer to the man page.