Simple Text Editro a ncurses based text editor made for educational purposes
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= STE (Simple Terminal Editor)
Doc Writer <>
v0.1, 2019-11-23

ste is a simple terminal editor partly inspired by micro
and GNU-nano

The main focus is to make a good terminal text and code
editor without all the mode nonsense, providing just
enough to the end user to be useful but not too much.
Of course this is an open source project and as for myself
I take it as a learning ground, basically try not to set
your expectations too high.

As for contributing goes feel free to add features, best
if in your own fork and then submint a merge request, the
only caveat is __comment your code__, not just for good
but because, as I said, I mainly view this project as a
learning gorund that can be useful to many others joining
in the adventure of writing one of the most basic, yet
most complex, tool.

Last but not least: have fun.