rivet: a simple static site generator
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Rivet: static site genetator

Rivet is a static site generator that takes a directory containing markdown markdown files (and a couple special ones) and generates an output directory that can be uploaded to a server.

Rivet uses lowdown(1) to convert the markdown files to html, as such refer to the lowdown(5) manpage for the details of the dialect of markdown and the possible metadata that it can parse.



Generate site from directory to cool_site

$ rivet -o cool-site/ secret-sauce/ cool-url

The makefile I use to generate my site

SRCDIR = src
DOMAIN = alemauri.eu

	rivet -o ${DESTDIR} ${SRCDIR} ${DOMAIN}

test: all
	xdg-open ${DESTDIR}/index.html

install: all
	rsync -vmruLz --delete ${DESTDIR}/ www@${DOMAIN}:/www/

	rm -rf ${DESTDIR}

The source directory

The source directory tree should at least contain:

  • index.md: will be converted to index.html
  • _header.html: contains the stuff to be placed inside all headers
  • _footer.html: contains the stuff to be placed inside all footers

Obviously anything can go in the source direcory, keep in mind that everything that is not markdown files will be just copied over.

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