rivet: a simple static site generator
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.TH RIVET\-VERSION 1 "SEPTEMBER 2020" "Alessandro Mauri"
rivet \- simple static site generator
.SY rivet
.OP \-hvelfsurdt
.OP \-o destdir
.OP \-p string
.OP \-m number
.OP \-n string
.I srcdir
.I domain
Rivet is a POSIX shell script that relies on
.BR lowdown(1)
to convert markdown (refer to
.BR lowdown(5)
for more info on the dialect of markdown used and metadata) files to html and
build an output directory which can be uploaded to an http server.
Rivet scans the
.I srcdir/
for markdown files, converts them to html and puts them along with any other
non-markdown files inside the destination directory named
.I dst/
by default. Rivet also generates a section called "Pages" inside the index file
containing links to all other html files along with their names extracted either
from the markdown metadata or the filename and a sitemap used by crawlers and
indexers, that's what the
.I domain
field is used for.
.IP "\-o destdir/"
Override the default destination folder with
.I destdir
.IP "\-p string"
Renames the "Pages" section in index.html to
.I string
be aware that altough the section name will be changed the id will remain
.IP "\-n string"
Set the title of the atom feed to
.I string
.IP "\-d string"
Set the description of the atom feed to
.I string
.IP "\-m number"
Set the maximum number of elements in the atom feed to
.I number
setting it to '0' includes all files
.IP \-v
verbose option, sets -x and prints every command as it runs
.IP \-h
prints help information
.IP \-e
Disables the application of the user-supplied header in
.I _header.html
.IP \-f
Disables the application of the user-supplied footer in
.I _footer.html
.IP \-t
Disables the insertion of the user-supplied metadata in
.I _metadata.html
.IP \-l
Disables the generation of the "Pages" section in index.html
.IP \-s
Disables the sitemap generation
.IP \-r
Disables rss/atom feed generation
.IP \-u
Changes the default protocol used in links from https to http
To generate a static website with rivet a source directory must be created first
containing all the website's source files (such as images, scripts,css files,
etc), pages written in markdown (see
.BR lowdown(5)
for the specific dialect and possible metadata) and two special files:
.I _header.html
.I _footer.html
These files contain all the content that rivet will put inside the header
and footer sections. The only article that's required for a site to be generated
.I index.md
that has to be placed at the source directory's root.
The minimal source directory tree is:
- index.md
- _header.html
- _footer.html
- _metadata.html
.I _footer.html
<p> Footer </p>
.I _header.html
<p> Header </p>
.I _metadata.html
can be empty
Note that since the contents of
.I _header.html
.I _footer.html
will be placed inside the correct tags, the files themselves do not need to
contain <header> and <footer> tags (the script removes them)
The contents of
.I _metadata.html
are placed inside the <head> tags, so it can contain stylesheets, icons and
other valid entries for the head of an html document
To generate the site from the folder run the command
rivet src/ example.com
And a folder called
.I dst/
will be created with the following contents:
- index.html
- sitemap.xml
The only bug I know of is that all links to markdown files will not be converted
to links to html files during conversion:
# This is an example
Here's the [link](cool-page.md)
<h1> This is an example </h1>
<p> Here's the <a href="cool-page.md">link</a></p>
As you can see the link to
.I cool-page.md
was not converted to
.I cool-page.html
as such the link is dead.
Alessandro Mauri <alemauri001@gmail.com>
.BR lowdown(1),
.BR lowdown(5)