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  Alessandro Mauri c49758a5c5 do not prepend full url to linklist 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri a5e0be8a3f use mktemp(1) for temporary files 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 2d7d0e7f22 fix not deleting _meatadata.html 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 280d0946db version 0.3 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 5ac9e2ae5f fixed date 4 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri ac778f6537 option to include everything in atom feed 5 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 21ca01e83d updated copyright 7 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri c84cdbc5e4 added id to feed elements 7 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 4c6f06b6b7 version 0.2 7 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 81fd16023d link list is now in date order (hopefully) 11 months ago
  Alessandro Mauri 6b5c973a64 added license to source file 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri 8e48ec1f92 make rivet.sh non executable 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri 4558654a48 clean destination directory before build 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri e0367536ea more bugfixes 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri b7a25b796a corrected usage information 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri b428fe5616 more options and bug fixes 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri 635c2d8521 added makefile for easy install 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri f943abbaeb fixed grep echoing and footer file not showing 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri 46a09ad7e7 working version 1 year ago
  Alessandro Mauri 796b66c3e0 first commit 1 year ago