fork of that removes windows support and improves useability
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#ifndef RENDERER_H
#define RENDERER_H
#include <SDL2/SDL.h>
#include <stdint.h>
typedef struct RenImage RenImage;
typedef struct RenFont RenFont;
typedef struct { uint8_t b, g, r, a; } RenColor;
typedef struct { int x, y, width, height; } RenRect;
void ren_init(SDL_Window *win);
void ren_update_rects(RenRect *rects, int count);
void ren_set_clip_rect(RenRect rect);
void ren_get_size(int *x, int *y);
RenImage* ren_new_image(int width, int height);
void ren_free_image(RenImage *image);
RenFont* ren_load_font(const char *filename, float size);
void ren_free_font(RenFont *font);
void ren_set_font_tab_width(RenFont *font, int n);
int ren_get_font_tab_width(RenFont *font);
int ren_get_font_width(RenFont *font, const char *text);
int ren_get_font_height(RenFont *font);
void ren_draw_rect(RenRect rect, RenColor color);
void ren_draw_image(RenImage *image, RenRect *sub, int x, int y, RenColor color);
int ren_draw_text(RenFont *font, const char *text, int x, int y, RenColor color);