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# lite
A lightweight text editor written in Lua
* **[Get lite](https://github.com/rxi/lite/releases/latest)** — Download
for Windows and Linux
* **[Get started](doc/usage.md)** — A quick overview on how to get started
* **[Get plugins](https://github.com/rxi/lite-plugins)** — Add additional
@ -24,10 +22,14 @@ The editor can be customized by making changes to the
[user module](data/user/init.lua).
## Building
You can build the project yourself on Linux using the `build.sh` script
or on Windows using the `build.bat` script *([MinGW](https://nuwen.net/mingw.html) is required)*.
Note that the project does not need to be rebuilt if you are only making changes
to the Lua portion of the code.
You will need:
- Lua 5.2 and libraries
- SDL2
- A c11 compiler (gcc or clang)
- make
To build run `make`, to install `make install` with root privileges and to
uninstall `make uninstall` also with root privileges.
To clean the mess run `make clean`.
## Contributing
Any additional functionality that can be added through a plugin should be done

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[ ] syntax: highlight FIXME TODO BUG FIX and IMPROVEMENT keywords
[ ] do not open doc in new tab if current tab has an unchanged document
[ ] doc: add auto close brackets and quotes
[ ] doc: highlight matching brackets and quotes pairs
[ ] view: implement get_scrollable_size()

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