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# A not-so comprehensive list of what I find to be useful and/or intersting overtime
-Geiger counter stuff:
Best: SBM-20 and the equivalent STS-5
-Cool oscilloscope:
Siglent SDS1202X-E 200MHz
-Speeduino, the Arduino based ECU (engine management unit):
-Simba embedded programming platform:
-Remember that you have a GL-AR150 mini router with tor, openvpn support and that it is based on openwrt, also:
-Remember: the ArchLinux wiki is your lord and savior
-If by nay chance you need a key's datasheet, like for copying it with just a photo (more on that later ;),
check out Silca's "the catalogue" it tell dimensions and the catalog's page of the key:
-Power cord names and standards:
-Circuit design guide for DC/DC converters (1/10):
-It may be useful to download some sites that I list here on top of the whole arch wiki and Wikipedia
a guide is found here:
and also an official guide from Wikipedia itself:
-Some of my own playlists:
Hacking ""
Thing to do ""
Linux useful (WIP) ""
CR-10 ""
Electronic basics ""
-Nixie tubes and stuff:
-Fpga stuff:
tinyFpga (the ICE40 versions)
project ICEstorm (open source routing and "compiling", for ICE40 fpgas):
symbiflow (open souce fpga development):
nextpnr (oss gui router for ICE40 fpgas an more):
-All 4chan banners:
-AVR development without an IDE:
-Cool electronics dude:
-Bluepill STM32 programming:
-Making an ARM bootloader in C:
-Homebrew 4chan:
-Baremetal C:
-How to make simple fire:
-Asciidoc, better than markdown:
-Sconstruct, better than make (python build tool):